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Three top-tip's to keep your lashes long and luscious - for longer!

1. Keep Them Dry

It takes 24 hours for your lash glue to completely dry. While it might seem solid right away, the glue is still curing. Getting your lashes wet, or even exposing them to high humidity environments (like a bath or checking on boiling pasta water) can cause your extensions to fall off faster than normal. Ideally, keep them dry for a full 48 hours just to be on the safe side. However, 24 hours is generally sufficient if you simply can't wait. Because of this, we recommend showering before your appointment.

2. Keep Them Clean

Once we apply your lashes, you'll receive a take-home lash cleanser. Use this once every few days to keep your lashes nice and clean. This foaming lash cleanser will remove any excess oils that build up on your extensions over time. 

3. Keep Them Oil Free

Oil breaks down the bond of the lash glue. We want this bond to stay nice and strong, so it's important to read the labels on the facial products you use (many contain extra oils). Moisturisers are an obvious one, but even facial cleansers and your natural face oil can get onto your lashes and weaken the glue.

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