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Food for your lashes and brows.


What is a lash & brow serum?

A new natural you! In a matter of weeks! Bella Stone Lash & Brow Serum is a vegan eyelash & brow growth serum that strengthens the roots of the natural hair follicle. Bella Stone Lash was created for men & women who dream about strong, fuller, natural eyelashes & Brows.


Bella Stone Lash is shipping worldwide to 180 countries from Australia.


How does it work?

Our enhancement serum contains Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 (a keratin boosting peptide) Bella Stone Lash lengthens and conditions our own natural lashes and improving the fullness of your natural brows. 


Clinical studies have proven after applying our night ritual to your lashes & brows for 14 days you will notice a change from 14 days of daily use. From 2-4 weeks you will notice stronger, healthier and conditioned hair. Between 4-8 weeks you will start to see a new hair growth & increase in length and volume. The brow enhancement serum helps grow the smaller spars hair in-between the brow to improve the natural brow. 


Is the serum compatible with false lashes?

Bella Stone Lash Eyelash Enhancement Serum is 100% safe  to be applied at the roots of hair line whilst wearing false lashes to help condition your natural lashes and help to prevent any damage to your natural hair that extensions cause!  Bella Stone Lash has been clinical tested which confirmed that the ingredients of the formula add length, density and protection from eyelashes falling out.  It is 100% natural and totally hormone free. Bella Stone Lash is 100% safe to wear with your eyelash extensions to keep your natural eyelashes healthy & strong while wearing eyelash extensions. Bella Stone Lash helps to prevent damage to the natural hair that extensions can cause.

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